10 Ways to Actually Make Cleaning Fun

10 Clever Ways to Make Cleaning Fun

When I tell friends and coworkers that I enjoy cleaning, they laugh because they think I’m joking. They all agree that they like the feeling of having a clean space but the act of cleaning turns them off.

I’m here to prove that cleaning doesn’t have to be a boring chore! Below I’m sharing my tried and true cleaning hacks that will actually make cleaning fun. Try a few of these yourself and soon, you too will be boasting about how fun cleaning is for you!

  1. LISTEN TO AUDIBLE ENTERTAINMENT – Podcasts, audiobooks, music… listen to something that makes you feel happy and keeps your brain stimulated. Podcasts really do it for me (a few favorites of the moment are This American Life, Oh Boy by Man Repeller, Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald, The Tim Ferriss Show, & The Jillian Michaels Show). Instead of carrying my phone around the house with me while I clean, I keep things hands-free with a workout armband and headphones.
  2. MAKE A PHONE CALL – Sometimes I use cleaning time to catch up with friends and family over the phone. Relationships are so important to maintain but it can be tricky to find time in a busy schedule to catch up with loved ones. Before I start cleaning I put on my iphone armband and a pair of headphones and scrub away while I chat.
  3. SET A TIMER – The element of working against the clock can be motivating. If I don’t have time for a deep clean over the weekend, I’ll set a timer on my phone as soon as I walk in the door after work for 15 minutes. I turn on a podcast episode and clean until I hear that timer go off. Doing this helps remove the overwhelm of doing ALL of the cleaning chores in one go, and it motivates me to work as quickly as possible. You’ll impress yourself with how much you can accomplish in just a 15 minute period of time!
  4. EXERCISE – When I do a full fledged deep clean of our loft, I like to turn it into a workout. For example, cleaning windows/glass? Do 30 “reps” of wiping with the right arm then another 30 on the left. Same thing with vacuuming – half of a room with my right arm and the other half with my left. I also try to clean as quickly as possible in order to work up a sweat. It’s great because after this type of a “workout” I get to relax in a nice clean home!
  5. INDULGE IN A BEAUTY TREATMENT – Did you set that timer? Put on your favorite face mask and a crest whitening strip before you pull out the cleaning products. I used to clean my bathroom every morning while oil pulling (detoxifying my body and bathroom at the same time!). When I combine beauty treatments like these with cleaning I feel pampered and productive!
  6. CREATE A CHECKLIST – I find the act of checking a task off of a list thoroughly satisfying. I also find having my tasks (cleaning tasks and otherwise) in list form helps me avoid “decision fatigue” at the end of the day. Having a list helps me ensure that I clean everything that needs my attention and I feel extra accomplished when I see a list with all of the boxes checked! If you need some checklist inspiration, I created a printable weekly cleaning checklist here.
  7. USE PRETTY PRODUCTS – Cleaning from a basket of drab cleaning products is depressing. I like to make my own natural DIY cleaning products in pretty glass spray bottles. If you aren’t into making your own recipes, companies like The Laundress and Common Good sell beautiful products for purchase.
  8. POST TO SOCIAL MEDIA – Four words: before and after pictures. It sounds ridiculous but for me, looking at before and after photos of other peoples’ messy to clean spaces is incredibly satisfying, so every now and then I’ll share a little before and after to motivate myself to clean my own space. If I snapchat (…or instagram story) a “before” picture of a messy room, then I feel obligated to clean it so that I can snap a nice and clean “after” picture. If you do this on your instagram account please tag me so I can like it!
  9. REWARD YOURSELF – Setting up little “if you do this then you get that” rewards gives me something to look forward to after completing cleaning chores. I like to schedule fun activities to take place after a cleaning session – a mani/pedi, drinks with girlfriends, brunch or a dinner date, or even something easy like a glass of wine and a reality TV show. Having something fun to look forward to while I’m cleaning always makes my chores easier to endure.
  10. COMBINE THE ABOVE – More often than not I’ll do a mix of the above hacks! I’ll wear a face mask, whiten my teeth, set a timer, and listen to a podcast all while I tidy up our bedroom or finish a few loads of laundry. Or I’ll make a big checklist, listen to some high energy music, and clean as fast as I can to get in a decent workout. Try a few yourself and let me know how it goes!

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