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A Clean Year

A Clean Year - How I am planning to make 28 my best year yet

Today, I turned 28.

It was an awesome day, my boss baked me an amazing chocolate cake, my coworker decorated my desk with balloons, my husband gifted me a sweet card along with flowers and cupcakes and thai takeout (per my request). After a big birthday weekend visiting with friends in NYC I was excited to spend some quiet time at home with my husband watching our favorite Netflix shows.

For most people, the new year symbolizes an opportunity to re-set, contemplate goals, and plan for the following year. New Year’s Eve 2016 for me was more stressful than usual. I was trying to balance quality time with family and friends with a busy work season and wedding planning (we got married end of February this year!). Not a lot of time to sit and contemplate annual goals and self betterment.

This year, I am using my birthday as my re-set date. 27 was the year I moved to San Francisco, started a new job, planned a wedding and honeymoon, got married, traveled to Africa, and spent very little time practicing being present in each moment along the way. 28 is where I hope all of that shifts!

Now that the dust has settled from all of the excitement that was 27, I hope to enjoy 28 at a slower pace. I want to challenge myself to grow in ways I haven’t focused on before. I want to learn how to meditate, take a Japanese language class, experiment with a no waste lifestyle, create a capsule wardrobe, find ways to afford delegation of mundane chores in order to gain more time for travel and adventure.

I want to do these things one day at a time one month at a time. I want to give myself grace when I make mistakes and I want to reward myself for a job well done. It’s going to be a year of growth and peace!

So far on this blog I have talked mostly about ways to clean our homes, but “A Clean Bee” was never meant to be JUST a house cleaning kind of blog. I would like to think of A Clean Bee in a larger sense – a clean house, a clean mind, a clean body. I am going to spend this year focusing on all three!

Happy 28 to us 🙂

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