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Family - A Clean Bee

I am a cleaning enthusiast here to spread the good word about the power of distilled white vinegar.

Hi, I’m Kait…

I am the cleaning enthusiast behind A Clean Bee spreading the good word about the power of distilled white vinegar.

As someone with strong opinions and mild control issues, it isn’t terribly surprising that I would choose to spend my time researching/testing ways to clean and organize (maintain control over) the home… then write all my experiences.

I am also (most importantly) a wife and full time mother to two busy (messy) little boys.

My family is the primary reason I work so tirelessly to discover the healthiest, most natural cleaning solutions for our home.

They are also the reason I am so passionate about adopting eco-friendly alternatives – I want to do everything in my power to create a healthy environment for my boys to grow into, enjoy, and respect.

A clean home is the foundation of a sustainable home.

So often the items in our home go to waste simply because we failed to care for them properly – my mission is to help you learn the simplest, healthiest, most eco-friendly ways to care for your home.

Through A Clean Bee, I will teach you how to create and maintain a clean home for the health of your family and our planet.