Hi, I’m Kait!

My name is Kait and I’m passionate about creating and maintaining a clean, sustainable, and toxin-free home. A Clean Bee is a place where I experiment with ways to live a cleaner life, naturally.

Why I Started A Clean Bee

I have always had a knack for organization and I have always been passionate about our environment (it’s the primary reason I experimented with veganism for a few years in my early twenties!). One of my favorite pastimes is researching ways to make a clean and safe home for me and my family. A Clean Bee was created out of my desire to share what I have learned.

With that said, I am not claiming to be perfect. Laundry still piles up, our floors aren’t always shiny, and neither are our countertops. We still occasionally buy packaged food and plastic products out of convenience. I am not striving for perfection, but as a new mom and wife still working a full time job, I always strive to do my best to maintain a stress-free, tidy home and to minimize my carbon footprint as much as possible along the way!

What You Can Expect from A Clean Bee

A Clean Blog: A Clean Bee blog content is centered around cleaningorganizingsustainabilitynatural living, and minimalism.

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