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The Best Spice Jars and Spice Jar Labels

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When it comes to kitchen organization, storage consistency is key. It is much easier on the eye to look at a shelf of jars with matching labels than it is to navigate a variety of branded labels in different fonts, sizes, and colors. This is one reason why I like using minimalist spice jar labels in my kitchen. 

The other reason I like using labels on spice jars is that doing so encourages me to refill my best spice jars with spices sold in bulk. That means I avoid purchasing (and eventually throwing away) new jars each time I shop for groceries. My husband and I have been diligent about slowly working our way towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and a majority of our progress has been made in our kitchen.

I encourage you to try the same! See my list below of the best spice jars and spice jar labels to help organize and beautify your sustainable kitchen.

Spice Jar Storage

When it comes to choosing spice jars, it’s first important to consider storage. Where are you going to store your spices? Are you going to dedicate a pull-out spice drawer? Are they going to be stacked somehow in your pantry? Do you have dedicated wall space for spice shelves? Or are you tight on space and would rather opt for magnetic spice jars that you can pop on the side of your fridge?

I store our spice jars on wall mounted shelves next to our stove. I like having all of my ingredients in plain view when I’m cooking to encourage myself to be more creative! Below are a few storage accessories (including shelves) that might help to simplify spice jar organization in your home.

Best Spice Jars

Once you have established the storage system you’re working with, it’s easier to determine what size and shape you will need for your spice jars. Below are some of the best spice jars for a variety of spice storage solutions. 

If sustainability is a priority in your household, then consider repurposing the spice jars you already own! Simply remove the label stickers and replace with new, consistent labels (some great options are listed down below).

Don’t have a collection of existing spice jars? Look no further for some really nice options:

Minimalist Spice Jar Labels

Lastly, we have spice jar labels. At this point, you have decided on a spice jar storage solution as well as the best spice jars for your kitchen. The remaining decision you need to make is how to label your jars. Luckily there are SO many options for great spice jar labels (no, I’m not talking about cheesy chalkboard-style stickers or obnoxious fonts). The goal is to organize our spice jars, not create more visual overwhelm. See below for my recommendations for minimalist spice jar labels.

Pre-Printed Spice Jar Label Stickers

The quick and dirty method to labeling your spice jars is to purchase a pack of pre-printed spice jar label stickers. As I mentioned above, there are plenty of cheesy options on the market. In my opinion, spice jars (or any bulk food jars, for that matter) look best when you can see more spice than label. With that in mind, I tried my best to choose labels with simple fonts in black and/or white and clear backgrounds. 

Spice Jar Label Makers

Not a huge fan of the pre-printed stickers? That’s fine! Making your own custom labels is easy (and fun) with a label maker. I personally like the idea of a label maker because you can make labels for kitchen items beyond just your spice jars. You can label bulk food jars, refillable soap pumps, cabinet shelves, pantry storage baskets, and more. As I said earlier, consistency relaxes the eye and makes a space appear more organized.

I included two popular label maker options below. The first is by Dymo and it’s arguably my favorite. I’m a sucker for an embossed label right now (plus, they would look nice on my glass cleaning spray bottles). If that’s not your style, the Brother P-Touch is a classic option with a solid handful of font options. 

Paint Pens

If you have fabulous handwriting, then this might be the least expensive, lowest waste labeling option for you! I recommend using an oil based paint pen to label any glass items in your kitchen or pantry. It won’t wash away with just water, but you CAN wash it away with water, soap, and a few drops of lemon oil. That means it’s easy to label, wash, then relabel jars for different purposes in the future without any sticker or label waste.