Holiday Gift Guide for the Clean Person

If you or someone you know is a clean person, then this holiday gift guide is tailor made for you. Listed below are a bunch of my favorite, gift-able cleaning and organizing products. I also included cleaning products for kids and toddlers (start them young while it’s considered fun!) as well as products to help a clean person relax at the end of the day.

Organizational Gifts

Organization gifts for organizers

Gifts for the organizer

  1. Rope Basket
  2. Remodelista Book
  3. Leather Catchall by Alta Andina
  4. Wire Basket
  5. Bullet Journal
  6. Fountain Pen by Kaweko
  7. 2021 Planner
  8. Woven Basket
  9. Weck Jars
  10. Label Maker by Dymo

Cleaning Gifts

Gifts for a clean person and the cleaning obsessed

Gifts for the Clean Obsessed

  1. Pill Shaver
  2. Swedish Dish Cloths
  3. Dish Brush
  4. Hand Cream
  5. Cordless Vacuum
  6. Le Labo Detergent
  7. Delicates Bag
  8. Wool and Cashmere Shampoo
  9. Dish Soap Bar

Kids Cleaning Supply Gifts

Cleaning supplies for kids and toddlers

Gifts for clean little ones

  1. Linen Sponges
  2. Napkin Folding Cloths
  3. Mini Dyson Cordless Vacuum
  4. Child’s Mop
  5. Mini Enamel Bucket
  6. Wash Mitts
  7. Small Squeegee
  8. Spray Bottles – 8oz
  9. Child’s Broom
  10. Child’s Dust Pan

Gifts for Post-Cleaning Relaxation

Gifts for relaxation

Gifts for Winding Down

  1. Wool Slippers by Nootkas
  2. Organic Cotton Throw Blanket
  3. Organic Waffle Robe
  4. Cloche
  5. Beeswax Candles
  6. Wick Trimmer
  7. Matches
  8. Wine Subscription
  9. Sateen Eye Mask
  10. Cashmere Scrunchie

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