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DIY Chemical-Free Dry Shampoo

diy dry shampoo

I have a confession to make: I hate washing my hair. I always have. It’s partially because I can’t stand the cold feeling of wet hair (even if it’s just a few minutes before I blow dry), and partially because my (very fine) hair takes forever to brush through when it’s wet. Overall I consider hair washing an inconvenience and I choose to do it as few times a week as I can get away with!

With that said, I also do my best to work out every morning. Sweaty/greasy hair is definitely not appropriate for work (or other social engagements for that matter) so dry shampoo is a time saving, wet hair avoiding godsend! I have tried a wide range of store bought dry shampoos. Most come in aerosol cans and have a strong scent (typically not a good one).

The reason I don’t love most of the store-bought brands of dry shampoo is because the affordable ones usually leave my hair feeling heavy and I can’t stand the strong smells and the expensive ones are out of my price range. Also I’m always suspicious of the pesky chemicals included in those formulas. Then I happened upon this idea for a home-made version of dry shampoo requiring as little as one very inexpensive ingredient.

diy dry shampoo

Cornstarch! Believe it or not, cornstarch is all you need to freshen up greasy hair sans water. And believe me when I say this isn’t a hippie dippie “wash hair with baking soda and condition with apple cider vinegar” hair care solution. It legitimately works much better than most of the store bought dry shampoos I have tried. You can see how I use it in this video and in the pictures below.

diy dry shampoo

I like to apply cornstarch to my hair through a powder container. I emptied out a travel size baby powder container (I can’t stand the smell of baby powder, but if I liked that scent then baby powder would also be a decent dry shampoo alternative). I created a funnel/cone from a piece of paper and some tape and poured corn starch into the powder container before re-attaching the lid.

diy dry shampoo

From there the rest is pretty simple, separate your hair away from your regular part, sprinkle on the corn starch and use your hands to blend it all in.

diy dry shampoo

To avoid any chance of white powdery residue in your final look, I find it’s best to avoid sprinkling the powder on your actual part, instead lift up the hair around it and sprinkle.

diy dry shampoo

I usually finish by brushing the cornstarch through the rest of my hair or (if it’s still sweaty) using a blow dryer on my roots for a few minutes.

If you don’t have blonde hair you can add a little cocoa powder mixed with the cornstarch to adjust the color to match yours.

Also, if you know that you won’t have time to wash in the morning I recommend sprinkling the corn starch in your hair the night before. Regardless of your hair color, after sleeping on it with the cornstarch you will wake up with more volume and no white residue. One of my best friends, a self proclaimed “Jafrican” (half Japanese, half African American) uses this technique on her dark brown hair all the time.

Lastly, if you want a nice scent to go with your new “dry shampoo” try adding a few drops of essential oils. I typically just spritz a spray or two of my favorite perfume on my hair after using the cornstarch. That way I’m left with hair that looks and smells fresh for the day. I find that perfume lingers on hair much longer than it does on skin. When I do this, my husband is still complimenting me on how nice my hair smells at the end of the day!

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