Minimalist Nursery Reveal

Minimalist Nursery

When I started putting together Ford’s minimalist nursery, I knew that I wanted it to be a very clean, calm space.  I also knew that I wanted to furnish it with as many second-hand and/or sustainably sourced items as possible.

Ford has been sleeping in his own room since he was about 16 weeks old and this set-up has been working well for us so far. I’d say the only thing he is missing is his own laundry basket (his dirty clothes, blankets, and burp clothes aggressively overpower the clothes in our bin at the moment).

minimalist nursery essentials

Minimalist Nursery Essentials

See below for my minimalist nursery decor list and shopping sources:

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Minimalist Nursery Decor

Minimalist Nursery Art:

I haven’t decided on what I will use to decorate the walls of his room – I tend to prefer wall art that serves a function or a purpose whenever possible (i.e. shelves for storing books or a mirror).

When Ford gets older, I also like the idea of letting him create the art in his room. My plan is to purchase a few white frames and rotate his “artwork” in each frame (sort of like in this example).

Minimalist nursery decor

Minimalist Newborn Essentials

I also wrote a post specifically about my newborn essentials (clothes, toys, gear, etc.). I included a checklist document to make shopping easy if you’re currently registering – definitely check it out if you or someone you know is expecting!

Minimalist nursery accessories

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