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Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Because bathrooms are used every day, often by multiple people, they tend to become dirty much faster than the other rooms in the house. I make this chore bearable by breaking down bathroom cleaning into a simple step-by-step bathroom cleaning checklist. Take the thinking out of bathroom maintenance – just print and hang or store … Read more

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How to Clean a Plastic Shower Curtain

Shower curtain liners seem to be one of those household items that gets overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Full transparency, there was definitely one point in college when I was guilty of ignoring the specks of mold growing on the bottom of our shower curtain liner… which in retrospect was ridiculous because it’s so … Read more

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Bleach-Free DIY Grout Cleaner

It’s officially spring! Time to start opening windows, enjoying some sunshine, and also time to tackle larger cleaning projects. One big project that has been on my list since my husband and I moved in to our San Francisco apartment has been the tile grout in our bathroom. I loved that our bathroom is covered in white … Read more

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