How to Clean Your Microwave with Lemon Water

How to Clean Your Microwave with Lemon Water

Confession: It took me almost a solid 10 years of living on my own with a microwave to learn how to clean it properly without chemical cleaners… I always felt a hint of guilt each time I would do it because, cancer.

Now that I live with a man who pays slightly less attention to detail than I do, I deal with microwave explosions on a semi-regular basis. To ease my chemical induced cancer worries, I took to the internet for chemical-free cleaning alternatives.

Thanks to this post by Heather from Real the Kitchen and Beyond, I finally see the light. It is truly magical what one lemon and a bowl of water can do for your microwave. Read on or watch the video for how-to.

Clean your grimy microwave with a lemon

Clean your grimy microwave with a lemon and water
Clean your grimy microwave with lemon slices and waterSlice a lemon, fill a bowl with water, and place lemon slices into the bowl. 
Clean your microwave with a bowl of lemon slices and water

Microwave lemon slices and water to clean off grim, explosions, and mess

Place the bowl of lemon slices and water into the microwave and set the timer for 4 minutes. After the 4 minutes are up, let the bowl sit inside of the microwave for an extra couple of minutes to let the water cool slightly (it will be boiling hot right after microwaving!) while the walls of the microwave to get nice and steamy.

Use lemon and water to steam your microwave and sponge clean

Remove the bowl and wipe the inside of your microwave with a damp sponge – when I did this, everything that was stuck to the walls and ceiling of my microwave wiped off SO easily!

Use microwaved lemon water to clean your microwave

Once the lemon water cooled slightly I used it with a sponge to clean the glass plate that sits inside of my microwave.

How to clean your microwave with lemon and water

Now for the final look – before… and after!

Remove grim from your microwave with lemon and water

What do you think? Pretty easy, right?

Like what you see?

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