The Best Shower Shelf Solutions for an Organized Shower

Shower shelf organizers for every style of shower

Every organized shower needs a good shower shelf (or multiple shelves if you like to collect bath products!). The question is what type of shower shelf is the right one for you? 

Below you will find a list of the best shower shelf options. From built in niches to renter-friendly caddies, there is a functional and beautiful shelf option for every shower.

Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is an easy option for organizing bath products. They come in countless materials, shapes, and sizes. If you are a renter or not interested in a permanent or built-in shower shelf, consider a high quality shower caddy! Below are a few of my favorite styles worth considering.

Shower Head Caddy

A caddy that hooks over the shower head is perhaps the most common style of the shower shelf organizers. These are great because they tend to be both stable and affordable. The trick is to find shower head caddies that are easy to remove for weekly shower cleaning.

I really like this adjustable shower caddy by simplehuman because it hooks over the shower head. No need to lace a drippy shower head through the caddy. This feature is particularly nice if you use a shower head with a hose attachment (we use and love this one in our boys’ bathroom).

Over the Door Caddy

Depending on the design of your shower, it might make more ergonomic sense to hook a shower caddy over the shower door. These probably wouldn’t work for a sliding door. If you have a shower door that swings open with additional glass “wall” space, that’s a perfect place to hook an over the door shower caddy!

Corner Shower Shelves

If your shower is being shared by many household or family members, you might benefit from more shelf storage than a shower head or over the door caddy can provide. A corner shower caddy might be the perfect storage solution for you!

I like corner shower caddies that are easy to remove and reinstall for deep cleaning – otherwise these can (and will) become DINGY. Below are a few tension corner caddies that won’t hold on to excess moisture. 

Adhesive Shower Shelves

I like a toiletry basket in a kids bath/shower because they are handy for storing light weight bath toys. They are also great for bars of soap and smaller toiletries. I wouldn’t store anything too heavy because the suction cups will likely give over time.

If you need more storage space, you can also try an adhesive shower caddy complete with multiple shelves and bath product organizers. 

Adhesive Shower Baskets

Adhesive Wall-Mounted Shower Caddies

Shower Corner Shelf

Not to be confused with a corner shower caddy, a corner shower shelf is installed with a permanent adhesive and then caulked to make it look built into the shower. It’s common to see ceramic tile shower shelves but you can also find glass or metal versions.

I love a shower corner shelf because it creates a “built-in” look without any renovation headache. One corner shelf only costs around $20-$30 (exclusive of adhesive and caulk) and takes less than an hour to install (here is a simple installation tutorial).

Ceramic Shower Corner Shelf

Glass Shower Corner Shelf

Schluter Corner Shower Shelf

Schluter Systems metal corner shelves require a slightly more involved installation, but can still be retrofitted to an already tiled shower. (Here’s how to install one).

Recessed Shower Shelf

Schluter Kerdi Board 12"x20" Shower Niche (1)
  • Can be installed in both Schluter-Kerdi and Schluter-Kerdi-Board wall assemblies
  • Features a 1/2 in. thick x 2 in. wide integrated bonding flange
  • Features a prefabricated Kerdi-Board shelf that can be installed at any height to create separate compartments within the shower niche if desired

I love a tiled or ceramic shower niche. They are practical and they add visual interest to a shower wall. You can have one niche or stack multiple on top of each other. I have seen pretty rectangular versions installed horizontally and vertically but the most common and popular seems to be the square niche. 

The only challenge here is, installing one requires fully renovating your shower walls. So these are awesome to consider in the case of a renovation or a new build, otherwise it is best (and less expensive) to install a corner shelf or a temporary caddy.

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