5 Best Cleaning Caddies for Organizing Cleaning Supplies

The Best Cleaning Caddies

What is a Cleaning Caddy?

A cleaning caddy is a helpful tool that corrals all of your essential cleaning supplies in one place. Cleaning caddies enable you to carry all of your cleaning essentials from room to room as you clean your house.

Keeping a well-stocked cleaning caddy also makes it easy for other members of your household to know exactly where to find the tools they need to remedy a mess on their own. This part is especially great if you’re interested in encouraging husbands and kids to help out in the cleaning category. 

Top 5 Cleaning Caddies

Cleaning caddies come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. I have included 5 of the best options on the market for you to choose from based on your cleaning needs, storage constraints, and commitment to purchasing products made from more sustainable and recyclable materials.

1. Best Budget Cleaning Caddy

Affordable cleaning caddy
Image courtesy of Amazon

This is the cleaning caddy we have been using in our home for many years. I purchased two caddies since we live in a split level home so I keep one under our kitchen sink that I use for kitchen and living room messes. The second I keep under our bathroom sink for bedroom and bathroom cleanup. I also purchased the matching bucket which I use when cleaning floors or soaking stained laundry

Purchase via Amazon, $7

2. Best Wooden Cleaning Caddy

Bamboo cleaning caddy
Image courtesy of Amazon

This cleaning caddy is made from bamboo, a lightweight material that can eventually be composted – a much better, eco-friendly alternative to popular plastic versions. Not to mention, it’s far more attractive. This is the option I would absolutely invest in if I were to do it all over again.

Purchase via Amazon, $40

3. Best Minimalist Cleaning Caddy

Metal, minimalist cleaning caddy
Image courtesy of World Market

This affordable option is perfect for the minimalist. Its white color, wooden handle, and single compartment design make it a great option for organizing cleaning supplies. It’s also made out of metal, another more eco-friendly alternative to plastic options.

Purchase via World Market, $10

4. Best Canvas Cleaning Caddy

Canvas cleaning caddy
Image courtesy of Amazon

This canvas caddy is advertised as a garden tote but it can absolutely be repurposed as a cleaning caddy in your home. The canvas material is great because it can be easily washed when it gets dirty, and it can be easily composted when it eventually gets worn out. Lastly, canvas is super light weight! That makes it easy to carry around your house with you as you tackle cleaning projects.

Purchase via Amazon, $30

5. Best Cleaning Caddy for Narrow Storage Spaces

Narrow cleaning caddy
Image courtesy of Amazon

If you are struggling with narrow under-sink space to store a cleaning caddy, this might be the solution for you. Only 7 inches wide, this is a great, narrow option for tighter storage spaces. Plus the sleek black color looks nice and clean.

Purchase via Amazon, $15

What to Include in a Cleaning Kit

Now that you have chosen the right cleaning caddy (or caddies!) for your home, what are you supposed to fill it with?

Cleaning caddies are meant to house all of your essential cleaning tools. Here is what you will find in mine:

If you want to learn more, read about my home cleaning kit.

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